Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Hello! I'm Marty Schoen, a psychologist in private practice. I have a doctorate in psychology and I'm licensed in Minnesota.

For 20 years, I did home visits. Right now, I now mostly provide "telehealth" by phone or video due to COVID-19.

I provide the best of what I've learned since I began my career in 1984 to partner with you as we create the approach that is best for you-best for your personality, your background, your style, and what you want to accomplish.

Above all, I've learned to respect each client as unique, and I refuse to have a standard, "by the numbers" approach or style. I know that, no matter how good my training or the length of my experience, I have to approach each person with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Please contact me any time to explore if I can be useful to you. I'm ready for hard questions about me and give straight answers about who I am, what I do, what I charge and just about anything you're curious about.

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